Arctix Ski Pants

Arctix ski pants are designed to keep you warm and dry while skiing in cold conditions. The pants are made with a waterproof, breathable fabric that is also lightweight and comfortable. They feature adjustable waist tabs for a customized fit, as well as reinforced scuff guards to prevent wear and tear on the fabric.

The pants also include thigh vents to help regulate your body temperature while skiing, along with internal boot gaiters to provide extra protection from snow and ice entering your boots. Arctix ski pants come in several colors and sizes so you can find the perfect pair for your style of skiing.

Trying the Amazon Arctix Womens Insulated Snow Pants

Arctix Ski Pants are an excellent choice for those looking to stay warm and dry while hitting the slopes. They feature a lightweight yet durable construction that is waterproof, windproof, and breathable. The adjustable waist allows them to fit securely around your body without being too tight or restricting movement.

Not only do they keep you warm on the slopes but with their classic styling they also look great in any setting!

Arctix Ski Pants Review

Arctix ski pants are a popular choice for serious skiers. They offer superior warmth, comfort and protection from the elements. The pants are made of durable nylon shell fabric with ThermaLock coating which provides breathability, waterproofing and insulation.

The cargo pockets provide plenty of storage room for all your skiing essentials while the adjustable waist ensures maximum fit and comfort during long days on the slopes. With an overall 4-star rating on Amazon, Arctix ski pants have earned their spot as one of the top choices among dedicated winter sports enthusiasts!

Arctix Snow Pants Women’S

Arctix Snow Pants Women’s are an excellent choice for keeping warm and dry during winter activities. These pants feature a waterproof shell, insulation to keep you warm, and plenty of pockets for storing personal items. They also have adjustable waistbands and leg openings so they fit comfortably over any layers you may be wearing.

Whether skiing or snowboarding, Arctix Snow Pants Women’s will keep you protected from the elements while enjoying your favorite winter activity!

Arctix Snow Pants Size Chart

Arctix snow pants come in a variety of sizes to suit all body types. The size chart helps you find the right fit for your needs, with sizing starting at XS and going up to 4XL. Their unique design includes athletic styling, reinforced hems and cuffs, adjustable waist bands, articulated knees and more.

To ensure the best fit possible, measure your full height (including feet) then compare this measurement to the size chart provided on their website or product page. With Arctix snow pants you can be sure that you’ll have a comfortable and stylish fit every time!

Arctix Snow Bibs Women’S

Arctix Snow Bibs Women’s are perfect for cold weather activities. They are made out of a lightweight water and wind-resistant nylon shell, with an insulation layer to keep you warm in even the coldest conditions. The adjustable straps make them easy to fit over any type of clothing, while the ankle gaiters help keep snow from getting inside your boots.

With multiple pockets and plenty of room for all your essentials plus reflective accents for added visibility and safety, these snow bibs provide both comfort and protection on your next outdoor adventure!

Arctix Ski Jacket

The Arctix Ski Jacket is the perfect choice for any outdoor enthusiast. This jacket is made of a lightweight and waterproof nylon fabric, making it suitable for skiing or snowboarding in cold temperatures. It also features ThermaTech insulation to keep you warm while still allowing breathability so you won’t overheat.

The adjustable hood and brushed tricot lined collar provide extra protection from the elements, while multiple pockets allow you to store your items securely. With its thoughtful design features and weatherproof material, the Arctix Ski Jacket will be sure to keep you warm and dry during your next ski trip!

Arctix Clothing

Arctix Clothing is a brand of performance apparel designed with active lifestyles in mind. Their clothes are made from lightweight and breathable fabrics like nylon, spandex and polyester to keep you cool and dry during workouts or outdoor activities. They also feature technologies such as Omni-Shield advanced repellency, which prevents water from penetrating the fabric so you stay protected in wet conditions.

Arctix clothing is perfect for those looking for high quality sportswear that won’t weigh them down or sacrifice comfort.

Are Arctix Snow Pants Good?

Arctix snow pants are an excellent choice for outdoor winter activities. They have a great combination of warmth, comfort and durability that make them a popular choice among skiers, snowboarders and other outdoor enthusiasts. The material is waterproof and breathable so you don’t need to worry about getting cold or wet while out on the slopes.

They come in different styles including insulated, windproof and lightweight options depending on your needs. Additionally, they have reinforced knees, ankles and cuffs which offer extra protection against wear-and-tear from rugged terrain or sharp edges. With all these features combined with their affordable price point makes Arctix snow pants an ideal option for staying warm this winter season!

What Temperature are Arctix Snow Pants Rated For?

Arctix snow pants are designed to keep you warm in temperatures as low as -25°F. The insulation is treated with ThermaLock coating, which offers water and wind resistance while maintaining breathability so you don’t overheat when the temperatures aren’t that cold. Additionally, the Arctix’s shell is made of Dobby W/R + W/P 3000mm thermalock fabric for ultimate protection against moisture and wind-chill.

With such high-tech materials and design, it’s no wonder why Arctix snow pants are a popular choice for those looking to brave the elements this winter season!

Is Arctix an American Company?

Yes, Arctix is an American company. Founded in 1994, it has been providing high-quality winter apparel and accessories for over 25 years to the U.S. market and beyond. The brand’s headquarters is located in northern Michigan, where they design and manufacture their own products using state-of-the-art materials and technologies that ensure superior performance on a variety of outdoor activities including skiing, snowboarding, hiking, camping and more.

Their commitment to quality craftsmanship combined with value pricing has made Arctix one of the leading companies in the outdoor industry today.

Who Owns Arctix Brand?

Arctix is an outdoor apparel and accessories company founded in 1992. The brand is owned by Arctix Enterprises, LLC, a private family-owned business based out of East Aurora, New York. For over 20 years, the company has been providing quality products to their customers that are designed for comfort and durability in any weather condition.

Their product range includes snow pants, jackets, bibs, cargo pants and shorts as well as thermal underwear and other layering pieces. Additionally they also offer a variety of accessories such as hats, scarves and gloves to help you stay warm while you enjoy your favorite winter activities.


In conclusion, Arctix Ski Pants are an ideal choice for winter activities. They offer a great combination of quality, comfort, and affordability that make them the perfect way to stay warm while skiing or snowboarding. With features like waterproofing and insulation, they provide unbeatable protection against cold weather conditions while also keeping you comfortable during long days on the slopes.

If you’re looking for ski pants that can keep up with your active lifestyle without breaking the bank, then Arctix Ski Pants are definitely worth considering.

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