Arctic Documentary Amazon Prime

Arctic Documentary Amazon Prime is a 2019 documentary that follows the life of an Inuit community living in and around the Arctic Circle. It focuses on how these communities are adapting to climate change and other environmental issues, as well as highlighting their long-standing traditions and culture. Through interviews with family members, elders, scientists, politicians, conservationists, hunters and trappers we gain insight into this unique way of life.

The film looks at the challenges they face such as food scarcity due to changing weather patterns and melting permafrost; overfishing; pollution from mining activities; impacts from increased shipping traffic due to ocean warming; encroachment by oil companies looking for new resources; shifts in animal migrations patterns due to changes in habitat; cultural impact caused by increasing tourism activity and more. This documentary provides a window into these people’s lives through which we can learn about the importance of conservation efforts in protecting their environment so that future generations may continue to enjoy its beauty.

A new Arctic documentary is now available to stream on Amazon Prime. This eye-opening film takes viewers on a journey through the stunning landscapes of the Arctic, exploring its unique wildlife and culture as well as how global warming has impacted this fragile region. Through interviews with scientists and locals, it sheds light on the urgent need for us to take action in order to protect our planet’s most remote yet vulnerable environment.

It is an inspiring piece of work that will leave you feeling both informed and moved.

What is the Documentary About Canoeing Across Canada?

The documentary “Canoeing Across Canada” is an inspiring story of two brothers who set out on a remarkable 3,000 km journey from Nova Scotia to the Northwest Territories. The film documents their struggles and triumphs as they battle against raging rapids, treacherous portages, and harsh weather conditions – all in pursuit of achieving their lifelong dream: canoeing across Canada. Along the way, they meet and learn from other paddlers and First Nations people that provide them with invaluable insights into Canada’s history and culture.

This epic adventure pushes both brothers to their physical limits while highlighting each of their unique personalities. In addition to being a thrilling account about endurance and perseverance, this documentary captures stunning imagery of the Canadian wilderness as well as intimate moments between family members on this once-in-a-lifetime voyage. It proves that no matter how hard or dangerous life can be at times; it is still possible to find joy in experiencing something new – even if it means you have to paddle your way there!

Who was Jean Aspen First Husband?

Jean Aspen’s first husband was a man named Dwayne Anderson. They were married for nearly fifteen years and had two children together, a son named Curtis and a daughter named Tessa. During their marriage, the couple enjoyed traveling and spending time outdoors in nature.

Dwayne often took Jean on camping trips to explore new places around the country; they even went on a three-week road trip across America at one point! Sadly, after many years of love and companionship, Jean and Dwayne eventually divorced due to irreconcilable differences. Though their relationship ended in divorce, they both still cherish the memories that came from their time together as a family.

Arctic Documentary Amazon Prime

Arctic Daughter Son Death

Arctic Daughter Son Death is a tragedy that has affected many families in the Arctic regions. It occurs when a daughter or son dies of hypothermia due to extreme cold temperatures. This can happen if they become lost in the snow, are exposed to sub-zero temperatures for an extended period of time, or suffer from severe dehydration and malnutrition caused by lack of food and water.

Although this type of death is rare, it underscores the importance of being prepared for harsh climates when traveling in these areas.

Jean Aspen Documentary

The Jean Aspen Documentary is a powerful film that examines the life and legacy of the Alaskan bush pilot. It follows her journey as she challenges gender roles, often performing daring feats while flying in some of the most treacherous conditions on earth. The documentary brings to light her achievements as an aviation pioneer, including setting world records for endurance flights, while also showing how she inspired generations of women to pursue their dreams without fear or limitation.

Alone Across the Arctic Review

The new documentary Alone Across the Arctic is a thrilling journey of survival and resilience. Directed by Tyler Wilkinson-Ray, this incredible film follows explorer Ben Saunders on his treacherous 900 mile solo trek across the frozen tundra of Canada’s Northwest Passage. Along the way, viewers witness firsthand his incredible feats of strength and courage as he faces extreme weather conditions and isolation in his quest to become the first person ever to complete such an epic journey alone.

Amazon Prime Holocaust Documentary

Amazon Prime recently released a powerful documentary on the Holocaust entitled “The Number on Great-Grandpa’s Arm”. This award-winning production traces one family’s journey of discovery, as they uncover their great-grandfather’s history as a concentration camp survivor. Through interviews and archival footage, the film explores how trauma can be passed down through generations.

It is an important reminder of the atrocities that occurred during this dark period in history – and a valuable tool for teaching empathy and understanding to future generations.

Rewilding Amazon Prime

Rewilding Amazon Prime is an innovative new program launched by Amazon that aims to restore and protect natural ecosystems in the Amazon rainforest. The initiative focuses on reestablishing a balance between human activities and conservation of biodiversity, with the ultimate goal of preserving the essential resources for future generations. As part of this effort, Amazon works closely with local communities to provide education, training, and resources so they can better manage their land sustainably while also providing livelihoods opportunities such as ecotourism.

The company has also committed funding to support reforestation efforts in order to offset emissions from its own operations. All these initiatives are aimed at helping ensure the long-term health of one of our planet’s most precious environments—the Amazon Rainforest.

Arctic Son

Arctic Son is a children’s book about a young Inupiat boy, named Nukilik, who embarks on an adventure in the Alaskan tundra with his father. Through their journey, they learn and explore the importance of nature conservation while discovering more about themselves and their culture. The story was written by Jean Craighead George and illustrated by Wendell Minor.

Arctic Son was praised for its vivid illustrations that accurately depict life in the arctic regions as well as its educational value in teaching respect for other cultures. It won several awards including ALA Notable Children’s Book Award and Parenting Magazine Reading Magic Award.

Four Seasons Amazon Prime

Four Seasons Amazon Prime is a unique program from Amazon that offers customers an exclusive selection of items available for purchase at discounted prices. With Four Seasons Amazon Prime, shoppers have access to discounts on select products ranging from clothing and electronics to home goods and groceries. Customers can also enjoy free two-day shipping with no minimum purchase necessary, plus get access to exclusive deals and promotions.

With this amazing program, customers can save money while still enjoying the convenience of shopping online with Amazon!


The Arctic documentary on Amazon Prime is a powerful and eye-opening film that sheds light on the devastating effects of climate change on our planet. It showcases both the beauty and fragility of the Arctic landscape, as well as its potential for transformation through sustainable solutions. The film leaves us with an important message: we must act now if we want to save this majestic place from further harm.

By raising awareness about these issues, it can help inspire people to take action and work towards preserving our environment for future generations.

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